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for this wednesday july 2013. it's august and then they go back to it school. i don't know, i will miss it. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> look why can indict the white family, giiveness and refuses tohe other. >> bill: is the grievous industry getting desperate? looks like it tmplets they suspect maybe the police are killing some of these kids. >> bill: that's an illinois official spreading a rumor that the chicago police are murdering black children, unbelievable. tonight, we'll continue our reporting on the intense race situation. also ahead, the inside story of president obama meeting with hillary clinton and a revolt among some fast food workers in america. [chanting]
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caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us this tonight. under heavy pressure to stop demonizing america by calling it a racist society and start trying to solve some of the severe problems in poor african-american precincts far left grievous industry is getting more desperate every day. instead of trying to come up with solutions caused by outcome african-american men the catastrophic dropout rate in the inner city and destruction of the traditional black family, the race hustlers and their sympathizers have descended into the gutter. top gun in this tawdry
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display georgetown university professor michael eric dyson. >> we can indict the white family there is a loft negativity. there is a lot of dismissiveness. crass materialism that refuses to care for the other. we can talk about the pathology at the heart of the white family. >> bill: georgetown must be very proud. it gets worse. speaking about the epidemic of murder committed by black killers in chicago, illinois state representative monique davis said. this. >> i'm going to tell what you some suspicions have been. and people have whispered to me they are not sure that black people are shooting all of these children. there is some suspicion, and i don't want to spread this but i'm just going to tell you what i have been hearing, they suspect maybe the police are killing some of these kids. >> bill: memo to the chicago police department, don't worry about it. we know you are risking your lives to protect the most vulnerable every day only women who take that
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woman seriously are to be pitied. then there is the new haven newspaper which editorialized on monday about a new ku klux klan intrusion in the state of connecticut. quote: the same basic message that the kkk has promoted for 148 years is embraced by the likes of ted nugent, fox news ann coulter a burgeoning array of fringe conservative media members of our own community. we shouldn't need a label as obvious as kkk to call out and condemn hatred and racism. institutions who are helping mainstream this message, even if that's fox news deserve to be called out and if ultimately necessary, marginalized and os central sized for enabling it, unquote. the editor of the new haven register is matt dorenzo. the publisher tom wiley. the paper is owned by a hedge fund if you can believe it the boss is randal smith. we asked the men to discuss
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that irresponsible editorial. they all declined because they are cowards and they know they cannot defend that vial, liable columbus piece of garbage. the new haven register should be ashamed. the paper has lost all credibility and it had better apologize in writing by the end of the week. i'm not going to let this go. the anger generated by a simple call, a simple call for problem-solving and troubled communities clearly demonstrates that the grievance industry has no interest in actually improving conditions for mostly poor black americans. what they want to do is one simple thing, condemn america while the communities they claim to care for self-destruct. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, joining us from washington, hillary shelton, the senior vice president for advocacy for the naacp. so where am i going wrong here, mr. shelton? >> well, first, bill, i want to thank you for
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taking on such a challenging issue. the issue of race is one that gets too often dismissed in our society. we need to have a good comprehensive insightful and informed conversation about issues of race as well. it's been a problem in our country from its very beginning and it's a problem now. so it's good to have these kind of conversations. and not dismiss those perspectives that may be just a little bit different than our own. >> bill: all right. but, surely, you know the core of this isn't americans. it's an industry. all right, of race hustlers, my description, who i don't believe want to solve the problem. and i always go back to the fundamental korean why there is violence among african-american young men, why there is a high dropout rate, why there is a myriad of social problems in the most devastated american communities. and that is, mr. shelton, the destruction of the
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family. now, do you agree with me on that? do you agree with me on that? >> i agree with you that we have an issue here, a concern here that has to be discussed not just in concerns of the violence itself but what perpetuates the violence. the kind of conditions in our community. >> bill: is that the korean? the korean is that the traditional family, mostly among blacks, 73% think it's 52% for hispanics, 29% for whites has fallen apart. that drives poverty, young men are unsupervised. single moms are struggling. it all comes back to the family unit, i believe. do you agree with me there? >> well, i believe that the conditions that create the real circumstances for families throughout the country really are the core of the problem. you can't start midways through the problem. one of the issues that talked about speakers earlier whether there is a michael eric dyson or whether it's the registered
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newspaper or others, is that those issues are being discussed are are a very helpful perspective if you are going to have a very universal assessment of the problem. >> bill: i disagree with you. i think those people -- wait, let me just get this in. i disagree because those people are haters. they hate us. they hate me for even bringing it up. you are a gentleman and you're someone who i believe sincerely wants to help poor people. not just poor black people but poor people in general. and i respect that. >> absolutely. >> bill: they are hating. i'm not going to stand for it anymore. >> let's have an agreement to disagree on the assessment of what these people are. and just say that this is a big issue, a huge problem. we need a comprehensive response to it, which means we need to listen to very different perspectives. sometimes painfully different perspectives. none the less, we want to have more opportunities like this one with you in which we can look at these issues, not dismiss those
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have an opinion that seems a little hurtful. let's dig a little deeper. find out exactly what's going on. >> bill: i have. >> not have small portions of the problem. >> bill: i'm telling i have studied this issue for 30 years and my sincere belief is that the african-american community is being devastated by the collapse of the family. that's your root. that's your core that drives poverty, drives violence it drives resentment. it drives everything. and you guys just not acknowledging it. you are not acknowledging it. >> well, here -- we are not stopping there. >> you have got to start at the core. >> you have to embrace. exactly, the core is not the family. >> bill: oh, it is so. >> what conditions created these circumstances. do you believe that african-american families would like to be unemployed? do you believe that every african-american family would not like to make a good living? >> bill: here is what i know. >> every african-american family would like to live in good safe communities? they're not creating the circumstances in which they are living.
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in they are trying to survive under those circumstances. >> bill: mr. shelton. >> if we want to solve we have got to dig deeper into the problem itself to craft some solutions bill bull you are wrong and i hope you are hearing me on. this if you segment portions of it you won't understand the whole problem. if you don't understand the whole problem you can't have a universal and comprehensive solution. >> bill: you will never and president obama is never going to improve this situation until you acknowledge that 50 years ago when african-americans were in a far more dire circumstance in this country than they are now, the out-of-wedlock birth rate was 25%. in the 1930s it was 13%. okay? now it's 75%. that is a catastrophe and income inequality, violence it all stems from that and you have got to start there. i will give you the last word. >> i would disagree. we have had many single family headed households. the issue is the condition in which they are having to raise their children. they can be successful if indeed the society decides
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we want to solve the problem. it's not cookie cutter. it's not a one size fits all. we veto continue having these kind of conversations and really work towards some real solutions that will be long-lasting. >> bill: all right. mr. shelton, thank you very much for appearing. we really appreciate it next on the rundown kirsten powers made comments about conservatives and race. she will be here. later the inside story of the hillary clinton/president obama sit down. what are they up to? factor coming right back. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief!
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talking about are the pundits that i spend every single day with, the columnists that i read who suddenly have become obsessed with black-on-black crime in a way that i never really
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thought before -- well, we were on -- i mean, i was on that show with every single person on that show was bringing it up. call thomas was bringing it up. joe pinkerton was bringing it up. i feel there have been regular columns, rich lowry wrote a column. >> bill: do you think those people genuinely like to see that situation improve. >> of course that's a different thing than what i am talking about. what i'm talking about is when it turns into. >> bill: wait, wait, wait, wait. wait, powers. >> okay. >> bill: you say the reason those men i like them all and respect them. >> as do i. >> bill: want to stick it to the black community. do you really believe that. >> i think the way it has been brought up over and over during the trayvon martin case and suddenly become what seems like obsession to me considering this has been a problem for as long as i can remember. it was no different under the bush administration in terms of black-on-black crime. and now suddenly it is topic a. it is what everybody is talking about. and it just seems strange to me that all of a sudden when you have the trayvon
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martin case that nobody wants to talk about that. they just want to talk about black-on-black crime. >> bill: i think everybody talked about the trayvon martin case until we were going to faint. there is a context to it and the context arose when the verdict came in and then certain people in the grievance industry primarily but other sincere people as well, i'm not going to discount that were disappointed in the verdict, all right. and then they started to level charges that america is a racist country. you have heard them. we have used them here that we are a bad society, that we're trying to hurt, hunt down -- white men are trying to hunt down black people. and that's where it arose, that the problem in the violence in this country isn't generated by whites. it's generated primarily by blacks. so it's in context. surely you know that. >> well, the majority of people are actually killed by someone of their own race. i'm sure that you know
5:16 pm
that. so, you have the majority of white people being killed by white people, 83%. and it's slightly higher among blacks. the key stat and, again, so everybody know what is kirsten and i are are talking about is that black men commit homicide, young men at a rate 10 times that of their piers in the white and latino communities. that is crazy. >> well, but that is crazy in terms it of an issue of they are victims of black crime, but i think turning it into, you know, that because trayvon martin wasn't killed by a black person, that that somehow we shouldn't just talk about that or we should switch the topic. >> bill: this is all about protecting americans no matter what color they are, that's what this story trayvon martin is all about. protecting americans. there is no way trayvon martin should have been killed. he didn't do anything to deserve death. he didn't deserve -- do anything. all right? he is walking down to his father's house.
5:17 pm
every fine mind the person knows that. he didn't deserve to die. we need to protect everybody, that's what everybody should be working for. the hustlers come in and starting to demonize america lying about it, saying white people want to to hurt black people. that is false. and that's why the discussion about the intensity of black crime arose. surely you understand that. >> perhaps that's why it arose for you, bill. i really do feel that there was a -- when people wanted to talk about the trayvon martin case and the fact that race was a factor, there were people and i put myself in that category that do think race was a factor, that the response is always oh, let's not talk about that, let's talk about ba b. black-on-black crime. black people don't want to talk about black on black crime. >> bill: you can't talk about race being a factor unless you are a mind reader. >> that's not true. >> bill: yes, it is. here is the backup. the fbi went down and
5:18 pm
investigated this from a racial point of view, with an eye on filing federal charges, civil rights charges. they found nothing. so that means that kirsten powers and bill o'reilly cannot apply a motive to george zimmerman because we don't know and the fbi already investigated it. >> that's different than what i said though. i didn't say i could get into his head and know he went after him. >> bill: that's a racial motive. you would have to get in his head. >> i said race is a factor and race was a factor. we know race was a factor because every single person who has defended zimmerman said he was so upsete there hal these young black men burglarizing in the neighborhood. when he saw trayvon martin, that sort of set him off. >> bill: i don't know zimmerman. >> that's race. >> bill: i never heard zimmerman say that i don't know that all i know is the fbi was sent down by an attorney general who desperately wants to file federal charges against
5:19 pm
zimmerman. the man desperately wants to do it. and he ordered the fbi to go down and find out if zimmerman had a racial animus. and they came back and they said no. so that you and me and everybody else cannot apply a racial animus to the man with any sense of fairness. >> but i didn't say racial animus. i said it was a factor. there is a very different thing to say that because you see a young black man and you are concerned about that because is he a young black man doesn't mean you have animus. >> bill: all right. all right, powers. look, you are a standup person, i have to say that. >> thank you. >> you come on every week but i think you are desperately wrong about. this and, again, if you want to know what i have said about race in america, consistently over the years, pick up "keep it pithy," chapter number 3. directly ahead cammeron and rosen on the hillary clinton/president obama on the bill. miller on the soda ban being shut down and putin catching ago monster fish. those reports after these messages. o fly home for the big family reunion.
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>> bill: washington beat segment tonight. the collapse of immigration reform and the hillary/obama meeting. here now from washington ace reporters james rosen and carl cameron. cammeron, tell me about the president meeting with the former secretary of state. >> oh, they had lunch, chicken jumbo lie a. i'm told it was emotionally a social visit and her potential 2016 candidacy was not the only elephant in the room. by the way she also had breakfast with joe biden yesterday morning. both meetings in a sense showed some degree of democratic unity in contrast to all the sniping between the republican establishment and the tea party in d.c. lately. what we can virtually be certain of that did not come up was a clinton connection to an investigation at the department of homeland
5:24 pm
security and some pretty complicated allegations about conflicts of interest and mismanagement of something called the e-5 visa program which specifically grants special visas to foreigner who's are willing to invest half a million dollars in the u.s., presumably to create jobs. here is the controversy now. a guy named allah hundred degree who runs that visa program has been nominated to being executive director at dhs overall. now that's in question. he intervened to help a company called gulf coast nun other than hillary clinton's brother rodham. partners and shares of virginia office building with another company called green tech which was started by terry mcauliff a very familiar name in democratic politics. he is running for governor in virginia. former democratic party chairman and all-time leading fundraiser for the clintons. it's complicated but you have got an investigation into an obama administration official.
5:25 pm
>> bill: why would they want to get involved with this visa program? what's in it for them? >> the opportunity to bring people from overseas countries in the particular case of this one company from china. and. >> bill: so they would charge a consultant fee to try to get the visas for these people? has to be some money in it. >> what they do is help facilitate obtaining these e-five visas for foreign investors. >> bill: get paid for doing that? >> theoretically they are bringing people in to help their company. what this really taps into, bill, is the type of scandal that plagued the clinton administration in the 90's over big money. the idea that access was being sold. terry mcauliff was famous for renting out the lincoln bedroom and was the fundraiser. >> bill: i'm sure most our viewers are just hearing about that for the first time. >> last thing that hillary clinton wanted to have brought up and it really broke just as she was coming out and visiting with with the president and vice president here in washington. >> bill: you know the media is not going to report it and it's not going to get anywhere. it's just the age we live in now.
5:26 pm
all right. so,. >> bill, i disagree that it's not going to go anywhere. because hillary clinton is going to face some democratic scrutiny if she accepts the democratic nomination. the republican also certainly not let her forget it nor will terry mcauliff be allowed to forget it in virginia. all of this does matter. >> bill: we seal if the press picks up on it there has got to be a reason why mcauliff and rodham wanted in. they are going to get in because they have connections. >> sure. >> bill: what was in it for them. >> friend of hillary. foh. >> bill: what was in it for them is what we have to find out. go to immigration and rosen. now, i'm hearing that this whole immigration reform bill, just like the gun control stuff, is going it die and nothing is going to happen. is that true? >> it could potentially prove to be true, bill. this is not the typical story out of partisan where you have partisan gridlock. what we are looking at here is republican on republican violence. the biggest republican champions for some kind of comprehensive immigration
5:27 pm
bill, guys like marco rubio in the senate, they view the house speaker john boehner and his top lieutenants over in the g.o.p. house leadership as basically in agreement with them that we need some kind of comprehensive solution to immigration. you can't deport 12 million people and we don't want to revisit this issue every legislative session. but they know that boehner really can't corral the majority of house republicans who come from districts where there is very little sympathy for pathway to citizenship. what boehner is doing is he is signaling basically going to wait out the august recess before coming back to the subject so that he and his flock don't get pounded with negative ads if they did anything at all on immigration for the house of august. conservative rank and file members tell me though that won't get the speaker very far if he tries to do this in anything but a piecemeal fashion. >> bill: it's not going to come up the main bill for a vote. you don't say the rest of the year, they are going to just. >> until the fall. >> bill: they have got a five week vacation but you just said piecemeal. the whole thing -- the senate version which passed is not going to be
5:28 pm
introduced in the house. that's what you are saying, right? >> that's right, correct. >> bill: now, there was a hearing today, the house armed services committee, general george bristol, who was in charge, i guess, of the african forces that could have helped the four americans including the ambassador to libya killed in benghazi, he testified, but i'm reading over the notes here rosen i only got 30 seconds. bristol would not say who told him not to help him. is that true? >> first of all it, wasn't heampleght it's a briefing. being kind to the guy. wasn't put under oath. so he didn't really have to testify. he led this task force in northern and western africa. he acknowledged that he was the guy, the marine colonel who had the conversation with an army lt. colonel who is on the ground in tripoli and who was ready to get a whole bunch of guys on an airplane and fly from tripoli to benghazi to try to rescue our guys which is the distance from richmond, virginia to chicago, illinois. it's not a short trip. colonel bristol, who is retiring, effectively tomorrow, did acknowledge that he told lt. colonel
5:29 pm
gibson stay in tripoli. some will call that standdown order, bill. >> bill: is bristol taking the rap that he did it, that he wouldn't order anybody? >> he did it. saying in essence i told him stay in tripoli embassy there. >> bill: did he say that anybody ordered him to say that? >> no. he didn't. he said it was his decision. >> bill: okay. gentlemen, thank you. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. miller on the courts overturning the big soda ban in new york city and division within the republican party. then fast food workers not happy about the wages. and they are not loving it. they are out on the street protesting. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. dy knows that. well, did you know some owls aren't that wise? don't forget i'm having brunch with meghan tomorrow. who?
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5:33 pm
he joins us now from washington. all right. so, tell me why the army is partially responsible for. this. >> well, bill, first of all, i want to make it clear i have zero sympathy with bradley manning, he betrayed his country. but, the u.s. army had -- as with major hasan, the fort hood shooter, had multiple chances to stop him. and they didn't take it. because of a combination of the hunger for warm bodies, political correctness, apathy, bureaucracy, and manning, as we know, even from sources such as the "new york times," his defender, and other journalististic sources a book about him. we know he had a troubled youth. in my day he would even have gotten the security clearance to begin with while in the army, you know, he was reportedly on the way out of basic training, kept him in, needed warm bodies, fort drum at his first post he
5:34 pm
was reportedly referred for mental health counseling. that got glossed over, kept the security clearance. the units kept passing him on. winds up in iraq. according it even the "new york times," he assaulted a superior, had multiple violent tantrums of acting out. and only too late was -- much too late in the game was his access to highly classified information according to these reports, that you had an unstable
5:35 pm
guy. the unstable guy was given access to documents that were very, very explosive and then, you know, i mean his supporters say he is a patriot and he just wanted to show that america was doing wrong things and to improve, blah blah blah, but it doesn't really matter that if you have an unstable person, you don't give them access to anything like that. in fact, as you said, you cashier them, honorable discharge or general discharge. look, this guy is not quite there. but you also write that part of manning's problem stemmed from the education system? what's that point? >> yeah, well, let me just point out, too. that ed snowden, the nsa leaker was in the same general boat in the intel community where they needed warm bodies. in my day he wouldn't have gotten a clearance. i think there is a bigger problem, putting bradley manning, ed snowden, all of them in context. even though manning went to school in wales for several
5:36 pm
years, very peeve visually anti-american school system in wales. none the less, our culture, our education system, hollywood, even talk shows have created this idea that our government is bad. look at what kids learn or don't learn in school. they learn about hiroshima, not about the baton death march. they learn about the evils of slavery but not that hundreds of thousands of americans died to end slavery. the picture they get from k through 12 through grad school is that america is somehow bad. clearly ed snowden had that idea. clearly brad manning -- bradley manning figured oh america is somehow evil. and we keep bombarding our children with the idea that our country is not the greatest in the world but among the worst. >> bill: well, that's what we are doing here with the civil rights reporting because there is no doubt that that's happening. but you know, once you g to be 21, 22, you have got to figure it out, you know, you have got to -- you
5:37 pm
know, unfortunately -- look, i strong point. >> president obama still hasn't figured it out. >> bill: well. >> how you can expect bradley manning to figure it out? >> bill: he comes at it, obama be from, look, here is the prop. >> he can prop began -- propagandized. >> bill: his solutions are worsening our condition i don't think he comes at it like america is a bad nation, but i could be wrong on that. i think your point about the army is very strong. once you get these guys that are acting crazy like hasan, like this guy, you have got to move on it. you can't just sweep it under the rug because bad things will happen. colonel, thank you. you might want to check out the colonel's latest book "hell or richmond" a good summer read. there it is. we come right back. the miller guy on bad news from mayor bloomberg and good news for putin. miller is next. (woman) this plt really good chocolate shakes.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. as we have been reporting, there is a split in the republican party over national security, immigration, and funding for obama care. joining us now from santa barbara, the sage of southern california, dennis miller. so,. >> hello, billy. >> bill: go ahead. >> one second, billy, i just had a cancellation with my regular meeting with al sharpton and jesse jackson, you wouldn't want to jump in would you. >> bill: if i were out there i would want to play canasta. >> ♪ do the sharpton ♪ do the jackson. >> bill: i'm telling you, if you have got to stay off that caffeine right before you go on the air. it's killing me. >> by the way, congrats to the it lemon drop kid over
5:42 pm
there at the federal witness lee location network. he did a nice job. >> bill: if the g.o.p. splits, hillary is the next president, right? >> well, listen, you know, bill, we're both history buffs. i have toured loss los alamos. i'm a huge enthusiast and rand paul and chris christie i hate to see fat man and little boy quibble like this. you cannot shoot inside the tent. and when you are telling the guy when the 400-pound guy is telling you you bring home too much bacon, you know it's gone absolutely mad. if they're going to keep shooting inside the tent like, this you ought to just get the fur lined pants suit ready for hillary because big momma is going to be in that inaugural parade and humaabedine is going to be the next chief of staff. chief of staff is the name her old man is using on the internet this week. [ laughter ] >> bill: there is a lot to digest in that opening remark there, miller. >> let's hope not.
5:43 pm
let's hope not. [ laughter ] >> bill: all right. so, your advice is the republican party is to kind of let's calm down a little bit. kind of get together, find some common ground, have a couple 'of blt's together and stop the nonsense, huh? >> well, listen, billy, as they say in the business, the pooch has been screwed. the g.o.p. is in disarray. i'm not suring if what we are seeing here is the awkward birth of a third party. i think these two are going to break off eventually. hillary is just sitting there licking her chops. >> bill: happiest lady in the world. and we will see what the you this stuff that cammeron reported if that gets any traction. okay. here in new york city, we can have the big gulp again. we can drink as much soda as we want' because the court has ruled that the mayor bloomberg and the board of health cannot limit the size of sodas, and you say? >> well, it's about time
5:44 pm
mayor lucky charms got shot down. this is how it should be. beware of the dwarf star who fancies himself a quaczar. if you want to get involved in the new york city citizen's diet, mayor? you want to make it better? quit feeding them your crap every day, all right? move on. you are a rich guy. you rigged the last term. you are not that important. go back and cash checks off the stock ticker. that was a good idea. but where do you get off -- how about a new rule where 5/9 people can't eat, stay out of her business. >> bill: isn't his intention good that he wants people to be healthier? isn't that the intention? >> the road to hell, billy, what do they say it's paved with. >> bill: i do. >> this country used to be the streets are paved in gold for immigrants. now they are paved in good intentions. where does mike bloomberg get off getting involved in my life.
5:45 pm
i don't ever want to meet bloomberg in my life. all of a sudden i'm in new york and i have got to worry about i can't have salt? lighten up, pal. >> are you an angler in are you a fisherman? you throw he that line out there once in a while. >> i have been known to work an angle, yes, of course. >> bill: putin and miller and i are big putin fans. form a little putin fan club. apparently putin went to siberia and caught a pike that weighs 46 pounds. there he is. there is putin. he kissed the pike there, i believe. >> billy, the monitor is partially obscured there. did you just put up another anthony weiner photo. >> no that was putin. >> scared the living hell out of me. i thought this is getting really weird. that's beyond limit. you can't keep that. no he got it. but here is the controversy. fishermen tell me that there there is has never been a pike that's been 46 pounds ever caught. biggest pike is about 27 pounds.
5:46 pm
and putin is fudging it here. >> i love putin because he wears camo out on the lake and waders when he is inside the forest. i don't know what that is all about. whoa, look at his -- sorry. >> photo here. okay? easy on this. all right? thank you. >> huma believe him, leave him, huma. listen, he is the most interesting man in the world. that's what's happened to putin. he is has turned into the most interesting man in the world. >> bill: there he is. at least he put on the shirt after he caught the fish. >> that is a solid cup. >> and the problem is that you can't tell -- russians can't tell putin that he is fudging the fish or they will throw him in jail with those girls. the riot girls or wherever they are. >> the world has gone insane. you know what? putin ought to solve their fiscal problems and come out with a double d cup of the month calendar or something. every time i see him he is out with a gun or a fish
5:47 pm
hook showing me a lot of -- come on. >> bill: is he. >> get it together over there. >> bill: he dances by the way on saturday night in moscow. >> do you the sharpton da'da da'da da'da. >> bill: dennis miller, everybody. get out, please, thank you. quick reminder there are only two bolder fresher shows tickets available this year jacksonville, florida, october 12th. vegas, 15th. both are approaching sell out status. solo at faulkner university, montgomery, alabama september 26th. details on all of that bill o' in addition got a brand new bill o' poll for you. who do you foresee emerging to lead the republican party. rand paul, chris christie, marco rubio, someone else. fast food workers take to the streets. juliet huddy with their beef in just a few moments.
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
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"back of the book" segment. did you see there's disenchantment among employees. they walked off the job, protesting their wages and benefits. >> we want to strike because we want a union, we want a contract, we want $15 an hour. we're going to get it because it's time do it. >> we work our butts off for nothing, for no pay. we really deserve it. we really do. >> we have a right in this country to earn fair wages for a fair day's work. >> all right. now here to further discuss it, they want wages more than $7.50. >> they want to double it and the right to unionize. the key is getting more money. this is the first time they've had a cohesive effort. there's such a turnover in the
5:52 pm
fast food industry. 75% leave, so they're constantly getting new people in. >> that's never going to happen because the fast food industry would fall apart. they would have to raise their prices and hire fewer people. >> would you do it? i do it. you get a couple years' experience and get into a better job. >> you can't live off of $7 an hour it's not designed for that. you enter the workplace, you understand the rules, you show up on time, you do your job, you get a reference, and you get a better job. >> well, i mean -- sflook. if i were the franchise operator, i would pay them as much as i could. it's not realistic to double it. >> maybe bump up a bit. >> i would do that because that's the kind of guy i am. >> you're just a giver. there's a big controversy on the internet about women and cars. take a look. >> i was trying to hold my own. it's kind of tough.
5:53 pm
>> when you use you get a certificate and it shows you a fair price. >> i felt confident going in on my own and closing the deal on my own. >> truecar makes it a lot easier go in by yourself. i don't need to bring a dude with me. >> what's wrong with that? >> women are very upset because they feel it's belittle. i think it's a great ad. >> to whom? >> we're so weak, we're afraid to go into a dealership. >> if you're a confrontational woman, you can go in and beat the hell out of the guy. >> i'm a confrontational woman but i don't know anything about numbers. >> that's good information. it's power. >> many women think it's silly. i light. i think it works. >> i'm with you. i do this to you every single
5:54 pm
time. >> it's a cliche. we're not going do that. >> how about pumping. >> no. >> thumb's up? >> i appreciate you. trivia tip, jesse waters. the tip, moments away. weigh you down?
5:55 pm
as soon as you feel it, try miralax. it works differently than other laxatives. it draws water into your colon to unblock your system naturally. don't wait to feel great. miralax.
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time for ""tip of the day"" starring jesse waters in meet. but first word to the wise alert. all factor gear on sale including the spin stops here pen, which i'm using right now.
5:57 pm
prices are ridiculous, so stock up on future gift giving. has it all and premium members get an additional 20% off the sales prices, which is insane. >> bill, you are right about robert kennedy helping the blacks but mistaken when you say the republicans have done nothing. jack kemp made a big effort to help blacks. that is true. the party as a whole has been timid. brian out of greensboro, north carolina, o'reilly, you rightly blacked jay-z for his comments about americans but then you let colmes praise the president who also branded americans. the problem is that there is a reason for income inequality and that's not being dealt with.
5:58 pm
mr. o., your reporting on race has been powerful. you do not have to walk in black man's shoes to recognize the problems. the facts walk for you. kathleen from pittsburgh, pennsylvania, bill you should apologize for your comments about sylvia's restaurant aunld i believe your talking points will be seen in a more positive light. i will never apologize kathleen. if you don't understand what i said, i can't help you. steve, o'reilly, police stop your cruel bashing of black people, you even look like the people who did the lynchings 100 years ago. you need to get some help, sir, quickly. bill, your tip that ignore a text is rude was spot on. thanks for keeping it real. that's what we try to do. bill, did not like you for a along time but now i've become a huge fan. guess i woke up. i'm glad that happened, paul. >> loved killing lincoln and
5:59 pm
killing kennedy. read them back to back. keep thempy think. jessie went out to interview those who have the high-tech wheelchairs donated by you guys. i hope you all watch it. thank you to the uss midway museum who donated $35,000 to the men and women to get the chairs. vets helping vets. "tip of the day." waters world tomorrow. that's it for us tonight. check out the foxnews website which is different than o'reilly. name and town, name and town, name and town if you wish to opine. word of the day, do not be tendentious. huh? impress your friends. tell them not to be tendentious
6:00 pm
when writing to factor or to you. remember, the spin stops right here because we're definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity." tonight, the battle to deep fund obama care is investigatgetting with some members of the republican party calling it dumb and others calling it exactly what the country leaves. now they want to block the health care law on october 1st, the point at which government funding must get renewed by congress. others in the party say it's too politically risky. senator tom coburn said, quote, it's not an achievable strategy. the dumbest idea i've ever heard but a dozen senators have backed to push this including senator

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